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From Plan to Action

Spring 2021: Localization, extreme poverty reduction and menstrual health

Spring From Plan To Action

Welcome to From Plan to Action, Plan International USA’s quarterly newsletter highlighting our latest research; programmatic impact, lessons learned and best practices; and thought pieces.

In this issue, we examine how to change the buzz word localization into action by sharing lessons learned and recommendations from supporting a local organization to become a USAID implementing partner in Central America. In addition, we explore a model to end extreme poverty and take a look at the impacts of period stigma and poverty in the U.S.


This Month's Articles:

  1. Lessons learned and recommendations in supporting a local organization’s transition to USAID partner

    As practitioners in the international development community often emphasize, our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of a job. But what does this look like in reality?

  2. Reducing extreme poverty through a graduation approach

    Plan shares lessons learned and recommendations for international development professionals interested in using a graduation approach.

  3. It’s time to talk: Menstrual health in the U.S.

    A new report on periods in the U.S. by Plan, P&G and Always highlights the impacts this taboo topic is having on Americans, especially during a global health emergency.

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