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Youth Advisory Board Member

After spending five years as a student volunteer for Plan International, Malika is well-acquainted with gender and education work.

As a volunteer, Malika was exposed to social activism and advocacy and attributes the knowledge gained about the disparities in education, gender discrimination in childhood, and development to her initial work fundraising for Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign in Burkina Faso.

Plan fueled the spark that ignited her passion for this work, and the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is an amazing representation of Plan’s trust in youth advocacy. Malika brings her perspective as a dual citizen of Benin and the U.S. and her experience as a fundraiser and workshop leader to the YAB.

Malika believes that girls’ education is one of the most important ways in which we can maximize the potential of every child on this planet. She also believes that education is at the root of development and is crucial to not only guaranteeing an end to the vicious cycle of poverty, but also promoting a longer, safer future for the today’s children. In addition, she sees education as a way for us to bridge the gaps in our society—be it wealth or gender—that so heavily polarize our communities and hamper growth.

Malika plans to study international relations and economics at Johns Hopkins University. Her goal is to be able to intersect the two in order to focus on development economics, particularly in the Sub-Saharan African region.


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