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March 2016: An Exciting Time

Mindi and her sponsored child Sreyneang.

Letter from the Editor

At Plan International USA, March is an exciting time.

It is fitting that a month like this kicked off with Zero Discrimination Day on March 1. As a movement dedicated to giving a voice to the silent and empowering vulnerable populations all over the world, we fight discrimination together every day.

This focus can be seen in our work with women, which we’ll celebrate on March 8 during International Women’s Day.

The Plan community will come together on March 22 for World Water Day – and throughout March we’ll be recognizing the importance of water and the luxury it is to many throughout the world. There are many ways you can join us, from giving back, to joining our CEO Tessie San Martin in her goal to spend a full day living on only five gallons of water.

Be sure to follow all of our social media posts throughout the month and join the conversation!

Our CEO is on Twitter!

Check out@Tessie_Plan and find out how she fared in the #5GallonDay challenge!

This Month's Articles:

  1. 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Water

    In the United States, we often take water for granted. A shower and a glass of water are usually just a turn of a faucet away.

    But, that is not true in many developing countries. These numbers and facts will make you look at that morning shower in a whole new light.

  2. Battling Drought and Famine in Ethiopia

    When Mindi traveled to Cambodia to meet her sponsored child, Sreyneang, she wasn’t sure what to expect. But when she arrived, she felt immediately at home given the warm and friendly response.

    Find out why her day with Sreyneang made her feel “overwhelmingly happy.”

  3. Battling Drought and Famine in Ethiopia

    Kedija is single-handedly supporting her family through a stifling famine and drought caused by the effects of El Niño.

    Find out how Plan International is helping her get through this difficult time– and why there is still more work to do to fight the devastating weather phenomenon.

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