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March 2017: Courage

At Plan, we see courage acts each and every day.

Letter from the Editor

Courage is contagious. It gives us hope and inspires us. It challenges us to do more.

Every day, we see courage in action.

Courage is the refugee who is in search of a better life for his or her family, and has not given up hope. Courage is the woman who has decided to open her own business in a place where it is rare to find a woman business-owner. Courage is the girl who is determined to get an education – so she walks to school, no matter how far it is.

As a member of the Plan community, you know that courage is our lifeblood. Without courageous girls, boys, women, and men in communities all over the world, our battle with poverty and fight for children’s rights would be stagnant. We seek to empower, but we rely on brave people in these communities to act.

As we celebrate our 80th birthday on March 20, we hope you join us to reflect on the truly courageous: the sponsored children who have amazed us; the girls who have defied the odds; and the communities that have risen up after a disaster. #WePlan to celebrate their courage.

Join the Conversation!

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This Month's Articles:

  1. Proud to be Cultural Bridge Builders

    Plan International USA sponsor Peggy Weibye believes strongly in family ties, sharing, and generosity. She’s carried her values into her relationships with her Plan sponsored children.

    Find out how for nearly 30 years, she’s developed inspiring connections with inspiring children.

  2. A Community Battles Drought in Kenya

    Drought has ravaged this community in Kenya. Still, community members are maintaining hope and battling through relentless circumstances.

    Find out how Plan International is stepping in to help them, and other communities like theirs.

  3. Our Water Difficulties Are Finally Over

    On World Water Day, Dilidil’s village now has access to clean water.

    See how a Plan International project helped restore access where she lives, while also working with community members to ensure the well is maintained.

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