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March 2018: Our Mission is in the Spotlight

Deometrio healthier and more productive each and every day, thanks to generous partners committed to Plan’s programs.

Plan International USA remains driven each and every day to strive for a just world. One where children realize their rights and girls are treated equally. One where poverty or gender are no longer barriers to opportunity.

In March, our mission is front and center in the spotlight!

We recognize International Women's Day on March 8, celebrating the incredible women around the world—and the life-changing work our WomenLead Institute is doing to ensure more women like Esther are empowered and equipped with the skills they need to become leaders and role models in their communities.

On March 22, World Water Day highlights a devastating problem throughout the world—but also presents an exciting opportunity to find solutions and celebrate successes. Children like Deometrio, who used to lack access to clean water, are now healthier and more productive each and every day, thanks to generous partners committed to Plan’s programs.

These days remind us that the road to a more equitable world is rife with barriers—but hope isn’t hard to find, and determined people of all ages and genders will not be slowed down.

Join Us!

At Plan International USA, gender equality is central to all we do! From our work in health and education, to resilience and economic empowerment, we know that equality is fundamental to the realization of human rights. With YOUR help, we’re setting out to tell the world exactly WHAT gender equality looks like… and how we can get there! In one sentence or photo on social media, show us what #GenderEqualityIs to you!

This Month's Articles:

  1. 7 Reasons the World Needs the Girls' Rights Platform

    Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is key to ensuring a better, more just world. Yet, there has not been a comprehensive, searchable database of international policy documents shedding light on gaps in the law relating to girls – until now.

    Here’s why we need the girls’ rights platform!

  2. Clean Water and Much More

    In Deometrio's rural community, water can be hard to find during the dry season, which often forced children, particularly girls, to travel long distances in search of it.

    Here’s how Plan International worked with his community to bring clean water—and much more!

  3. #GenderEqualityIs Everyone’s Business

    Allan, from Uganda, has made it his mission to defend equal opportunities for boys and girls.

    Find out how his activism is making a real difference.

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