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May 2017: What is Your Plan?

Each member if the Plan community is vital to our mission!

Letter from the Editor

As a member of the Plan community, you know that together, we don’t just want – or hope – to make a difference. We Plan to.

We sponsor children all over the world and form inspiring partnerships. We give hope and provide actual items to families and communities everywhere. We change the lives of millions of girls by providing a voice and a path for the world’s most excluded group.

We also plan to speak up and raise our voice not just by what we give, but by what we do and say. Our policy events, workshops, and willingness to boldly step forward in public debate will make us drivers of change for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Each member of the Plan community is vital to our mission and each Plan counts. What is yours?

Tell us about yourself!

Are you a child sponsor? Have you given a Gift of Hope? Are you standing up for children’s rights? Tell us your Plan on social media and use the hashtag #WePlan!

This Month's Articles:

  1. A Family Behind Him

    National Honor Society members in Houston have come together to sponsor a child in Bolivia.

    Find out how Lorenzo has become “part of the family” for these high school students.

  2. New School Brings Brighter Future in Post-Earthquake Nepal

    Two years after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, a permanent, earthquake-safe school can be built for 400 students.

    Find out why a group of families decided to come together and donate their land for the project.

  3. In Photos: Food Distribution Gives Hope to Families in South Sudan

    For nearly a year and a half, Plan International has been distributing food to families in South Sudan, but supplies are running out in the midst of famine.

    Find out how your efforts have helped so far, and how you can continue to make a difference.

Plan to make a difference!

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