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Laura Brazee has been working at Plan, with youth, for over 7 years!

Hi YLA Crew!

My name is Laura Brazee and I’ve been working at Plan, with young people, for more than seven years! I hail from Massachusetts but call DC home, even though it’s way too hot for me down here in the summer. I’m 33 years old and have spent the majority of my career supporting young people to build the skills and capacity necessary to successfully transition into adulthood.

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in International Relations and also have a Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development from The Heller School at Brandeis University. When I’m not working I like to spend my time running, hanging with my nieces and nephews, and making any type of Asian food. This summer I’m spending three full weeks at youth leadership events and am pumped to be learning from and with so many inspiring young leaders! Looking forward to seeing you in July!

Wole is a counselor at Plan's 2016 Youth Leadership Summit, held in Washington DC.

What’s going on, everyone!

My name is Adewole Akinbi, but you can call me “Wole.” I’m a 27-year-old Rhode Island native who has a very strong passion for community. I grew up in Providence, and since the age of 14, I’ve worked in various neighborhoods doing clean ups, working in community gardens, and beautifying local parks. Fast forward to present day, I still have that same passion for working in my community. Only now, I’m more involved with empowering people and connecting folks in impoverished communities to resources.

I graduated from the Community College of Rhode Island in 2010 with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies, and from Rhode Island College in 2013 with a B.A. in Public & Professional Communication. Currently I am the Project Manager of a small for-profit business called half full, llc, in Providence. We specialize in marketing and communications, and we are also retreat facilitators! I’m very amped to be a Counselor at Plan’s Youth Leadership Academy this year. Can’t wait to meet everyone. See you in July!

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