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April 2018: A New Beginning

Our work started 81 years ago. Yet, we are always starting over. Today, there is a child who is lacking an education, or a girl who is on the brink of early marriage. There are communities recovering from disasters and floods, and entire regions suffering from food shortages.

March 2018: Our Mission is in the Spotlight

These days remind us that the road to a more equitable world is rife with barriers—but hope isn’t hard to find, and determined people of all ages and genders will not be slowed down.

February 2018: Lasting Commitment

In Plan’s 80-year history, it is astounding and inspiring to see that many donors have been a part of Plan for 40, 50, even 60 years!

January 2018: In a New Year, the Work Continues

In 2018 and beyond, we’ll continue to strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. Our journey is constant – and we’re glad you’re on it with us.

December 2017: A Celebration

This month, we’re celebrating everyone who gave back so that children around the world could move from a life of poverty to a future filled with opportunity.

October 2017: Building on Tradition

Whether you’re a child sponsor, a donor, or a supporter, we’re thankful that you’ve taken a stand to fight for equality and empower children everywhere.

September 2017: Striving for Equality

While forces like child marriage, trafficking, and even natural disasters often hold girls back from reaching their full potential, together we can strive to achieve equality. 

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