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September 2017: Striving for Equality

While forces like child marriage, trafficking, and even natural disasters often hold girls back from reaching their full potential, together we can strive to achieve equality. 

October 2017: Building on Tradition

Whether you’re a child sponsor, a donor, or a supporter, we’re thankful that you’ve taken a stand to fight for equality and empower children everywhere.

July 2017: Believing in Empowerment

More than 80 years partnering with donors and supporters have taught us that we make the greatest impact when we harness the promise and potential of the most vulnerable and marginalized.

April 2017: Let's Lead

We believe that when someone is a leader, she will build a better future for herself, her community, and her country.

March 2017: Courage

Courage is contagious. It gives us hope and inspires us. It challenges us to do more. 

February 2017: A Lasting Spirit

For the Plan Community, being active doesn't mean taking a walk, or going on a run. Being active means speaking out, partnering with a child, or standing up for girls' rights and gender equality. 

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