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Fall 2021 - Root migration causes and funding girl-led movements

Girls Holding Donated Backpacks

This month, we explore Biden’s Root Causes Strategy and the importance of girls’ education and funding girl-led movements.

This Month's Articles:

  1. What’s new in the Root Causes Strategy for Central America?

    For the Biden Administration’s strategy to work, the evidence shows it must address different types of violence and include a role for young people.

  2. Where’s the money for girls?

    Learn more about successful funding for girl-led movements during a pandemic, and what needs to change.

  3. To boost national GDP, let girls graduate

    Passing legislation that addresses the barriers preventing girls from receiving their secondary education would have a major, positive impact on the GDP of emerging economies.

  4. Crises and COVID-19: Experiences of women and girls

    Crises impact women and girls differently than men and boys. And responses to humanitarian situations, coupled with COVID-19, must consider girls’ and women’s unique points of view.

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