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Summer 2021 - USAID reforms and gender financing

Girls Standing Up For Gender Equality

Welcome to From Plan to Action, Plan International USA’s quarterly newsletter highlighting our latest research; programmatic impact, lessons learned and best practices; and thought pieces.

In this issue, we examine why continuing USAID reforms are a positive direction for development, especially in light of COVID-19. In addition, we take a look at gender financing and why it is important to track the data.

This Month's Articles:

  1. Making COVID-19 aid more effective by doubling down on USAID reforms

    The flexible global COVID-19 response funding is a perfect opportunity for Administrator Power and USAID to demonstrate the full value of the reforms and innovative approaches to delivering development.

  2. Gender financing in Guatemala: Mapping funding to improve gender equality

    To ensure funding is best targeted to both meet identified gender priorities and to make societies more equal, we need a clear picture of gender financing.

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Through the Health Policy Plus project, Plan contributed to the following reports:

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