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Nigeria: Safe Motherhood Nigeria: Ambulances and Accountability for Maternal Health

The ambulance project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation (MAF), has sought to contribute to reducing maternal mortality in Nigeria – specifically in Alimosho Local Government Area (LGA) in Lagos State – through various community-level activities related to strengthening ambulance systems, improving basic emergency obstetric care (BEmOC) during transport, and fostering community advocacy for maternal health accountability. One of the achievements of the project includes consensus building among different stakeholders (state and local officials, service providers, ward health committees, and community members) that led to the development of a paramedic training curriculum and a service delivery guideline document. Plan International also built the capacity of ward health committees and community members to enable them to advocate for services and resource allocation, as well as to hold their officials and service providers accountable. This grant was a continuation of the MAF V project, and aims to sustain community advocacy and accountability for ambulances and maternal health in Lagos State.

MacArthur Foundation
Project Start Date
August 2016
Project End Date
February 2017
Technical Areas Covered
Maternal and Child Health

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