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July 2019: Bringing People Together

Learn how our experience working with the world’s most vulnerable people has taught us that real change comes with patience, hope, and togetherness.

May 2019: A World of Possibilities

When children realize their rights, girls strive for equality, and communities come together to improve lives, we’re making progress.

April 2019: Strength

Learn how we're seeing strength in the communities that band together and in the girls who overcome the odds or fight child marriage.

February 2019: We're There

Read the latest sponsorship story, see how one child was reunited with her mother in Cameroon, and watch the latest video from our Safer Cities project in Uganda.

January 2019: Equal Opportunity

Read the latest sponsorship story and find out how Plan International's Safer Cities project is empowering girls to change a culture which makes them feel unsafe.

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