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Nothing Will Hinder My Progress

By Sara
Sara is a member of the Plan International USA Youth Advisory Board

The corporate takeover I recently participated in completely changed my perception of gender equality in the workplace. 

At State Street Global Advisors in Boston, I assumed the role of Deb Lorenzen, Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council. As a prospective Finance and Political Science major at Boston College, this takeover perfectly fit my interests. Additionally, with State Street being the company that spearheaded the “Fearless Girl” project on Wall Street, I was eager to hear how that endeavor came to fruition. 

Upon my arrival, I took my place at the head of the table to direct discussion throughout the event. As an aspiring businesswoman, this meant the world, as I was getting a literal glimpse into the seat that I hope to be sitting in as a grown, working woman. Once State Street employees arrived at the event, we immediately got the meeting started. After our lovely introduction from Liz Serotte, the coordinator of this event on behalf of State Street, Ben Albert from Plan International USA and I gave a general presentation about Plan’s work around the world and specifically surrounding International Day of the Girl.

After the initial presentations, I officially began my role as chair of the council, asking for company updates from various employees regarding the “Fearless Girl” project, State Street’s operations, and gender equality efforts in the workplace. I gained great insight into the process behind the famed statue on Wall Street and was able to truly view the project from all angles. The employees’ dedication and passion for gender equality was tangible, as shown through the way in which they spoke about the need for businesses to promote equality in our current society.

As a young woman, I felt genuinely empowered by the experienced adults in the room, a feeling which is often hard to come by. My corporate takeover, in addition to the plethora of others that girls participated in across the globe, truly served its purpose. Nothing will hinder my progress, especially not the fact that I am female. I hope that going forward, sentiments in the workplace will be the same. I have faith in women all around the world. Strides have been and are continuing to be made, so we can attain the roles we have been vying to be in since we were young girls. 

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