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November 2016: Are you inspired?

At NBC Studios, our youth ambassadors discussed important issues like protection and menstrual hygiene management.

Letter from the Editor

Are you feeling inspired? We sure are.

During the month of October, a youth delegation from El Salvador, Uganda, and the United States visited New York City to advocate for girls’ rights and gender equality.

The events were organized around International Day of the Girl – a United Nations International Day of Observance to recognize the unique challenges girls face around the world. From the speeches given by two youth in the U.N. ECOSOC chamber, to a high-level meeting with Nickelodeon game designers and a takeover of Melinda Gates’ Instagram account, these six young people were inspirational – relentless to their cause, dedicated to their message, and truly uplifting.

hrough our work together, we are inspired each and every day. The resilience of communities in Haiti and in the Philippines as they navigate through the aftermath of devastating disasters is incredible. And, the hope and optimism from community members and children in communities where we work is nothing short of elevating.

Working alongside these young people, community members, and children, we’re continually reminded of the urgency and importance of what we’re accomplishing together. Let’s keep moving forward!

Join the Conversation!

Last month, we asked YOU to tell us what an empowered girl WILL accomplish using the hashtag #SheWill. The response was astounding. Take a look here.

This Month's Articles:

  1. Because I am a Boy

    Augustine, from Uganda, tells us that because he is a boy, he has an incredibly important role to play in achieving gender equality in his society.

    Augustine was a youth delegate in New York City during International Day of the Girl.

    Read what he has to say about the experience and how he spoke up to enact change.

  2. Meet Nancy, Plan International Sponsored Child from Honduras

    Meet Nancy, a 12-year-old Plan International sponsored child from Honduras.

    We gave her a camera to show us a day in her life. Watch how Plan’s sponsorship program has helped Nancy learn about her rights. She now knows that all girls share the right to speak their mind and have the same value as boys.

  3. From Mitigating the Risk to Building Back Better

    Whether Plan is working with communities to build resilience, providing immediate response after disasters like Hurricane Matthew, or providing long-term solutions to a disaster, we’re committed to ensuring communities are ready to respond – and are responding well.

    Here are four ways Plan is working through ALL stages of a disaster.

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