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November 2017: Why We're Committed

Yubo, a former Plan International sponsored child, is giving back to her community and empowering girls!

Letter from the Editor

Why are we so committed to this movement?

We’re committed because we’re making a difference.

We’re changing lives every day and we’re seeing results. Child sponsors see it in letters they receive from brave and determined children. They see it when they visit their sponsored children and take in the smiles on their faces. They see it when children are empowered and determined.

We’re committed because our movement is emphatic. The voices of girls and women everywhere are standing up to say girls belong HERE. Last month in New York and Washington DC—and all across the country—girls demanded a seat at the table during International Day of the Girl. They’re committed to a movement that believes in gender equality.

We’re committed because the promise of children far exceeds the poverty they are born into. We will continue to strive for a world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

Together, we won’t falter on our commitment. Thanks for standing with us!

Celebrate International Day of the Girl!

Does giving to Plan make you feel good? Does it make you feel #PLANtastic? Tell us about it! Share a smiling selfie, a letter from a sponsored child, or the Gift of Hope you just gave! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PLANtastic!

This Month's Articles:

  1. An Opportunity to Thrive

    For Yubo Fernandez, a special partnership paved the way to a successful acting career. Being a sponsored child when she was 8 years old empowered her and gave her confidence.

    Find out how and learn about a recent visit with her former child sponsor.

  2. Seven Ways Child Sponsorship Makes a Difference

    Child sponsorship helps fund sustainable, community-led projects. Here are seven ways those projects make a difference in the world.

  3. “My Children Keep Me Going”

    Nearly 600,000 Rohingya, the majority of them women and children, have fled violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State since late August.

    Plan International is responding. Find out how.

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