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October 2016: Empowerment

This month, we're celebrating empowerment!

Letter from the Editor

This month, we’re celebrating empowerment.

A person who is empowered can – and will – achieve incredible things. As part of the Plan community, you’re an important partner in a movement that empowers the most marginalized children and youth around the world.

Plan was recently a silver sponsor at the Making Cents Global Youth Opportunities Summit, a gathering of more than 450 youth economic stakeholders from more than 50 countries. The Summit served as a hub to discuss the newest and best ways to empower youth around the world.

We are committed to the idea that youth will live in communities that value their participation and provide opportunities for their leadership and economic empowerment.

This is especially true for girls, and in October, we’re thrilled to celebrate the fifth annual International Day of the Girl.

This year, we’re flipping the script and no longer discussing what an empowered girl CAN do, but rather what an empowered girl WILL do. She WILL shape her own future. And, she WILL make a difference in the world.

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.

You’re invited to join the movement. Download a #SheWill bracelet, or share a #SheWill message on social media. Together, let’s show the world why EMPOWERMENT is key to making the world a better place.

Join the Conversation!

We're celebrating International Day of the Girl for the entire week of October 8 – 14. Follow BcImaGirl on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat!

This Month's Articles:

  1. For the Cost of a Nice Dinner Out

    As an employee on a luxurious cruise ship, Ellen bears witness to a slew of fortune and material prosperity. Yet, the lives of the children and families where the ship ports paint a stark contrast to what she sees on board.

    Find out about why she saw child sponsorship as a great way to give back, and how her trip to Egypt helped her learn about the life of her sponsored child, Malak.

  2. Invisible Girls

    Millions of girls around the world are invisible. We know little about their lives. And, because they are invisible, they have no rights. To achieve true gender equality for girls, we must see the challenges.

    We have a PLAN to make girls visible. Watch!.

  3. Melissa: “I Want to Go Back to School”

    “I’m envious when I see the other girls and boys passing our home as they go to school,” said Melissa. “I wish I could still go, too.”

    Find out how Plan is working to ensure girls like Melissa, from Zimbabwe, realize their right to learn.

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