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The Plan International network consists of collaborative partnerships between 21 national offices and more than 70 program offices. The national offices, of which Plan International USA is one, are responsible for governance, fundraising, and program and grants management. National offices work with program offices to fund and deliver programs in Plan’s program countries.

The national offices make up the Members’ Assembly—Plan’s highest decision-making body. Tasked with setting high-level strategy, the Members’ Assembly also elects Plan’s Board of Directors, which oversees International Headquarters.

The strategic center of Plan, International Headquarters, provides leadership, alignment, and services to field operations, and works with Plan’s national offices to develop common systems and policies across the organization.

Plan’s field work is split into four regional offices: Asia (ARO), Eastern and Southern Africa (RESA), Americas (ROA), and West Africa (WARO). Each regional office includes 12-14 country offices.

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