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J.P. Morgan Chase

Central to J.P. Morgan’s business mandate is a commitment to helping young men and women acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to promote financial security, create overall stability, improve economic opportunity, and build stronger, more resilient communities. A Plan partner since 2008, J.P. Morgan has collaborated on programs in China, Egypt, Philippines, and now Indonesia.

In Egypt, J.P. Morgan supported Forsa, a youth economic empowerment and employability program promoting economic growth and workforce readiness. More than 600 youth were equipped with market-driven tools allowing them to engage in the formal economy, and were also connected to post-training job opportunities in the hospitality, health services, customer service, and retail industries.

We have also collaborated with J.P. Morgan in the Philippines seeking to build financial capacity and improve access to financial services among households affected by Typhoon Haiyan. The program utilized a community-driven development approach, including the formation of Community Savings Groups, and benefited an estimated 1,500 individuals, 75 percent of whom are women.

We are thrilled to continue working with J.P. Morgan in Indonesia and Peru where we will couple market-driven transferable technical skills and employability training to transition underprivileged youth into sustainable entry-level positions in the formal IT sector. In Indonesia, 70 percent of target youth will be girls, and in Peru, the target population will be disabled youth.

We thank J.P. Morgan for their longstanding support and commitment to improving the financial capacity of vulnerable young people and promoting economic security.

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