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Plan International Pulls Out of Pibor, South Sudan, Amid Heavy Fighting

Child’s rights organization Plan International (Plan) said today it had suspended operations and pulled non-essential staff out of Pibor County in South Sudan’s Jonglei State because of rising insecurity amid heavy fighting between rebel forces led by David Yau Yau and the South Sudan Army (SPLA).

Plan’s Country Director in South Sudan, Gyan Adhikari, said the decision to withdraw non-essential staff was “a precautionary measure.”

Tension has been rising in Pibor amid reports that the David Yau Yau forces had attacked the town of Boma in Jonglei State a few days ago, leading to heavy fighting with the South Sudan Army. Boma is close to Pibor.

“The decision to suspend operations is purely as a precautionary measure. We will return to Pibor as soon as it is considered safe to do so,” Mr. Adhikari said.

“Our operations in other areas in South Sudan continue to operate normally but we are deeply concerned about the safety of children and women in Pibor where widespread looting has been reported. We will continue to monitor the security situation and move our staff back into Pibor when it is considered safe to do so,” he said.

Plan has been operating in South Sudan since 2006 focusing on the development needs of the country. We focus on both short-term and long term development programs in food security and nutrition, education, youth livelihoods, child protection and agriculture and humanitarian support.

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