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Year established:

Plan International has operated in Senegal since 1982, helping children access education, health services, and violence protection.

Office locations and unit operations:

Plan Senegal’s country office is located in Dakar, with program unit offices in Saint Louis, Louga, Thiès, Urban Dakar, and Kaolack. 

Technical areas:

Plan Senegal’s core technical areas include: education and teacher training; child and maternal care; and universal economic opportunity. 

Number of sponsored children in FY20:

As of June 2020 Plan International sponsors 28,846 children in Senegal.

Sponsor a child in Senegal

Donors include:

USAID, U.S. Department of State, World Bank, Global Affairs Canada, DFID, GF, The MasterCard Foundation, Individual donors

Total FY15 country office expenditures:


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