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Plan International WASH Program Keeps Water Flowing to Pakistani Village

When a community in Pakistan sought guidance to fix its water supply situation, it turned to Plan International.

“Thirty-five years ago, there was dispute in our community about the lack of water supply,” said Muhammad, 63, of Pakistan. “After the quarrel, we created a village committee to focus on finding a safe source of drinking water. During our meetings, we learned about the good work of Plan International in Pakistan and we asked them to help.”

In the small village of Taniyala where Muhammad lives, rain is the biggest source of water and it tends to be stored for animals and domestic use.

For drinking water, the community digs wells. During summer, water shortages in wells are common, so villagers have to find a safe source. There is no map to locate safe water resources and pipelines, so the villagers have to depend on local sources, which are often a considerable distance away.

After Plan was asked to help, it wasn’t long before staff visited the village and explored the water channel at the top of a hill, situated approximately three miles away.

Plan workers tested the water and installed a water supply pipeline. Workers also constructed a water tank near a pond. This spot was selected to store the overflow, so livestock could access clean drinking water. An underground water supply pipeline, about three miles long, was then constructed to transport water to the community.

“The use of run-off water for livestock in the pond is very useful,” Sajid Hussain, 43, said. “When my cattle drank the dirty pond water, they would contract foot and mouth disease. After the water tank was installed, we cleaned the existing pond and redirected the flow of extra water into it. We also held a meeting to promote proper hygiene practices near water channels.”

“As a woman, there are dangers of harassment, assault, and abuse at isolated places,” said Saira Bibi, 37. “I highly appreciate the efforts of Plan Pakistan, which has done a great job by providing the water in the community.”

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