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#Plan to Paint a Picture


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo sharing platform. Think of it this way: It’s like Twitter, but with photos. It’s about sharing a simple message, but visually. Don’t worry! If you have something to say, there is still room for captions too! One thing to keep in mind is that you can only post Instagram photos with a mobile device. So, get that smartphone or iPad fired up! The app is free!

How can you use Instagram to help the Plan Movement?

Instagram is a way of SHOWING how you feel! You might have been excited to receive this year’s Gifts of Hope catalog and want to share a photo, or you might want to just post a smiling selfie to let the world know that you received a letter from your sponsored child!

Things to Know:

First things first: You should follow the Plan handles (a handle is another name for a screenname or username). This way, you can see everything Plan is posting. Then you can “like” what Plan posts!

Plan Handles:

@Plan_USA: Plan International USA

@BcImaGirl: Because I am a Girl

Second things second: Get acquainted with the hashtags you’ll need to amplify our message!

“What is a hashtag?” you ask. Good question. Just like Twitter, you can look at hashtags like meeting rooms. Used in the caption of the photo, they tie similar photos together. So, if you want to see photos about Africa, search the hashtag #Africa, and you’ll find over 4 million posts about the continent!

Hashtags to Know:

Notice a pattern here? We hope sponsors, donors, and supporters in the Plan movement take part in the same conversation, whether they’re on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

#WhyISponsor: If you’re a child sponsor with Plan, this is a great conversation to join. You can post a smiling selfie after you receive a letter from your child, or a photo of your welcome packet. Using the #WhyISponsor hashtag will connect you with other sponsors and contribute to the “photo-convo.”

#WePlan: As a member of the Plan movement, you know that we don’t just hope to make a difference and we don’t just want to make a difference. WE PLAN to make a difference. So, use #WePlan to tell the world what we’re doing! After you sponsor a project or make a donation, you might want to take a screenshot of your cart and share it with the world! It’s OK to brag!

DON’T FORGET: Always keep our child protection standards in mind! This is especially vital when posting photos! The most important thing is a child’s protection! You can find the standards here:


We want to interact with you! With each of your photos about Plan, just like Twitter and Facebook, be sure to “tag” (or “mention”) us. This can mean either using our handle in your caption or tapping on the photo and tagging the photo. So, instead of saying “Plan International USA” in a caption, say “@PlanUSA,” and instead of saying “Because I am a Girl,” say “@BcImaGirl.” When you tag us, we can see what you say – and we might even “like” your photo!

What is a “like”? You ask. Great question! A “like” is akin to a Facebook “like” or a Twitter “favorite.” It’s that little heart next to the photo. Tapping it means you approve of the photo and/or the message. We welcome our donors and supporters to “like” our photos on Instagram! We tend to post a lot of great images from the countries in which we work!

Photo Ideas to get you started:

A “selfie” to express your happiness!

  • This is a photo of you, taken BY you! Just received your welcome packet? Received a letter from your child? Just made a generous gift? Say cheese

Plan correspondence

  • Instagram photos aren’t always of people, but of “things,” too. When you’re part of the Plan movement, you often get mail from us! Let us know that you received it! Are you excited about it? Happy? Tell us in the caption! 

Plan or Because I am a Girl paraphenalia

  • Did you buy something that will directly benefit Plan International USA or Because I am a Girl? Perhaps you bought an Alex & Ani bracelet or a pair of M4D3 shoes? Let the world know with a photo!

A screenshot

  • Sometimes you’re just so proud of a donation that you want to share it with the world. Snap a screenshot of that Gift of Hope or disaster relief donation and let the world know! It could inspire others to do the same! (Just make sure your credit card information or personal data isn’t showing!)

Someone who just received a Gift of Hope

  • Did you buy a friend a Gift of Hope for #GivingTuesday? They’re probably thrilled that their gift is making a tangible difference in the life of a child or a community. Capture the moment with a photo!

Plan to make a difference!

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