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#PLAN to Share Your Voice


What is Twitter?

Put simply, Twitter is a “microblogging” website. You can write a message (a tweet) in less than 140 characters that is shared with the world. You can also see, in real time, what everyone else is saying.

How can you use Twitter to help the Plan Movement?

Twitter is GREAT for sharing a simple message or a link that you’d like the world to know! For example, you can direct your followers (or anyone who sees your tweet) to the Plan website: Plan International USA is truly making a difference. Check out the website:

Things to Know:

1) You should follow the Plan handles (a handle is another name for a screenname or username). This way, you can see everything Plan is saying. Then you can retweet what Plan says, or interact with Plan (we’ll get to that in a bit).

Plan Handles:

@PlanUSA: Plan International USA

@BcImaGirl: Because I am a Girl

2) Get acquainted with the hashtags you’ll need to amplify our message!

“What is a hashtag?” you ask. Good question. You can look at a hashtag like a meeting room. They tie conversations together. So, if you want to talk about International Development specifically, the hashtag #InternationalDevelopment might be a good hashtag to follow. That way, you can see every tweet that has that phrase within it.

Hashtags to Know:

#WhyISponsor: If you’re a child sponsor with Plan, this is a great conversation to join. You can tweet about the great letter you received from your child, or talk about the incredible difference you’re making in a community. Using the #WhyISponsor hashtag will connect you with other sponsors and contribute to the conversation. Don’t forget: always keep our child protection standards in mind!

#WePlan: As a member of the Plan movement, you know that we don’t just hope to make a difference and we don’t just want to make a difference. WE PLAN to make a difference. So, use #WePlan to tell the world what we’re doing! For example, you might want to say: Together, with Plan International USA, #WePlan to ensure education is a top priority!


We want to interact with you! So, with each of your tweets about Plan, be sure to “tag” (or “mention”) us. This just means using our handle in your tweet. So, instead of saying “Plan International USA” say “@PlanUSA,” and instead of saying “Because I am a Girl” in a tweet, say “@BcImaGirl.” When you tag us, we can see what you say – and we might even tweet you back, or “retweet” what you said!

What is a “retweet”? Great question! A “retweet” is exactly what it sounds like. It means taking something that was tweeted, and tweeting the same thing out. If you approve of a tweet, you can either retweet it so your followers can easily see, or you can “favorite” it! Don’t hesitate to “retweet” and “favorite” our tweets!

Sample Tweets to get you started:

  • @PlanUSA offers a SMART and TESTED child sponsorship program! #WhyISponsor
  • THRILLED to be part of the @PlanUSA movement! #WePlan to break the cycle of child poverty.
  • @BcImaGirl is a global movement dedicated to giving girls opportunities! #WePlan to make a difference!
  • As a child sponsor for @PlanUSA, I’m making a tangible difference in a child’s life! #WhyISponsor
  • #GirlsRights are #HumanRights! #WePlan to ACT on that message! @BcImaGirl

Plan to make a difference!

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