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What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social sharing website. You can “post” to your “wall” and instantly share a message with your friends and family. You can also comment and interact with other peoples’ posts. Unlike Twitter, there are no limits to the number of characters you can post – so Facebook is a great option to get longer messages out to your networks!

How can you use Facebook to help the Plan Movement?

“Sharing” is the key word here! If you see or take a photo, or if you see an article on the Plan website that you think your Facebook friends might enjoy or find interesting, you can share it on Facebook. Additionally, if Plan shares something on its Facebook page that you’d like all of your friends to see, you can easily share it with everyone!

Things to Know:

First things first: You should follow the Plan pages. (A Facebook page is another name for a profile. It’s where information lives, and where posting and sharing is made possible). This way, you can see everything Plan is posting on your newsfeed (a feed of all your friends’ posts), and interact.

Plan Pages: Plan International USA Because I am a Girl

Second things second: Get acquainted with “liking,” “commenting,” “sharing,” and “tagging.”

“What is liking?” you ask. Good question. Say Plan just wrote a post with a simple message: “Educating girls is key to fighting gender inequality.” You approve of this message and want to let the world know! Just hit the “like” button at the bottom of the post. A simple “thumbs up” can go a long way.

“What is commenting?” you ask. Good question. Sometimes a post might contain a question. Or, sometimes you might just have something to add. No problem! Just add your two cents at the bottom of a Plan post and let us know how you’re feeling!

“What is sharing?” you ask. Good question. You can look at this similarly to how you look at “liking,” except this time, rather than just approving a message, link, or photo, you want all of your friends to see too. Go ahead and click “share” and send the message to all of your friends and family. You can even add your own commentary to the post.

Hashtags on Facebook:

Similarly to Twitter (although not used as frequently), “hashtags” are a Facebook feature too. They are used to narrow a conversation and find out who is talking about a specific subject.

Hashtags to know:

#WhyISponsor: If you’re a child sponsor with Plan, this is a great conversation to join. You can post about the great letter you received from your child, for instance. Using the #WhyISponsor hashtag will connect you with other sponsors and contribute to the conversation. Don’t forget: always keep our child protection standards in mind!

#WePlan: As a member of the Plan movement, you know that we don’t just hope to make a difference and we don’t just want to make a difference. WE PLAN to make a difference. So, use #WePlan to tell the world what we’re doing! For example, you might want to say: Together, with Plan International USA, #WePlan to ensure protection is a top priority!


We want to interact with you!

Whenever you mention us, be sure to “tag” us!

“What is tagging?” you ask. Good question. Just like on Twitter, it alerts the person you’re talking about to your post. For instance, if you wrote “Plan International USA is a GREAT International Development program!” you can tag us! That way we can “like” and maybe even “share” your post. To do this, just use the “@” symbol ahead of our name!

Sample Facebook Posts to get you started:

  • I just signed up to be a child sponsor with @PlanInternationalUSA and I couldn’t be more excited! Plan just sent me a letter welcoming me to the Plan movement! #WhyISponsor
  • Check out this article I found on the @PlanInternationalUSA website about the #RefugeeCrisis. Proud to partner with Plan to bring relief to children affected. Together #WePlan to make a difference! 
  • If you’re looking to help the survivors of the #NepalEarthquake, @PlanInternationalUSA is a wonderful organization that does great work and I am proud to be a part of it! #WePlan
  • These five facts will tell you why it is so important that girls in developing countries receive an education! I am proud to sponsor a girl with @PlanInternationalUSA, which is a leader in girls’ rights in part because of its @BecauseIamaGirl campaign! #WhyISponsor 
  • I’m sponsoring a project with international development organization @PlanInternationalUSA. The work Plan does is amazing, and there are so many different ways to get involved. I strongly suggest you check it out! At Plan, #WePlan to make a difference!

Plan to make a difference!

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