Humanitarian Response Fund

In emergencies, speed is critical

Your recurring gift can save even more lives.

At Plan International USA, we respond as soon as we possibly can when girls and their families are in danger. We’re responding right now to crises like violence and hunger in Haiti, the earthquakes that hit Syria and Türkiye, and the war in Ukraine.

But more and more people need help every year.

We need to reach even more children in even less time. In emergencies, how fast we respond can determine whether a girl in crisis lives or dies. And the way Plan can respond quickest is with your ongoing support.

Please make a recurring gift today to Plan’s Humanitarian Response Fund. Your donation will help our team prepare for the next emergency — the next refugee crisis, the next natural disaster or the next disease outbreak — so that we can respond even faster and save even more lives.


Will you help keep girls safe in the next emergency?

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