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Feeling #PLANtastic often results in a smile!


Do you feel good?
We bet you do!
Spread that great feeling
with the world!

Are you a Plan International USA supporter? Did you just partner with Plan? Give a Gift of Hope? Receive a letter from a sponsored child? We bet you’re feeling absolutely #PLANtastic right now!

“What is #PLANtastic?” you ask.

Here’s the definition!

#PLANtastic (adj.)

How you feel when you give, have given, are about to give, or are reminded that you gave to a movement that drives meaningful change for children and communities all over the world.

"Receiving that letter from my sponsored child made me feel absolutely #PLANtastic!"

Sponsoring a child, purchasing a Gift of Hope, or donating to Plan's Because I am a Girl Fund can all result in feelings of euphoria!


There are many CAUSES for your euphoric condition. Here are just a few, and some ways you can share your #PLANtastic feeling on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • You sponsored a child.
    • I just sponsored a child through @PlanUSA and formed a life-long bond that inspires & transforms communities. I feel absolutely #Plantastic!
  • You gave a Gift of Hope.
    • Today, I decided to #GiveDifferently with a #GiftofHope. Helping a community with an item they need makes me feel #PLANtastic!
  • You donated to Because I am a Girl.
    • I believe in girls’ rights to learn, lead, decide, & thrive. Supporting this cause is a #PLANtastic feeling!
  • You received or sent a letter to your sponsored child.
    • I received a letter from my @PlanUSA sponsored child today. Reading it reminded me of the difference I’m making. I feel #PLANtastic!
  • You helped to drive meaningful change in ANY way.
    • I’m proud to be part of a movement that helps people around the world! I’m feeling #PLANtastic right about now!
Share your #PLANtastic symptoms with friends!


SYMPTOMS of feeling #PLANtastic include a happy, tingly feeling.

For most, feeling #PLANtastic results in a smile! Share your symptoms (a smiling selfie!) on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Here’s what you can say:

A letter from your sponsored child is one of the many lasting effects of feeling #PLANtastic.

Lasting Effects

Even after that initial smile is gone, there are many LASTING EFFECTS that will bring it right back. Receiving a letter from a sponsored child is one of them. Share your lasting effects on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Here’s what you can say:

  • I received a letter today from my @PlanUSA sponsored child. It feels #PLANtastic to make a difference in a child’s life!

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