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Give the Gift of Hope.

Give Differently

Give Hope:
You Can Make More Spirits Bright
This Holiday Season

Hope is Powerful

You have the power to make children's spirits bright. When you give differently with a Gift of Hope, more children receive urgent medical care, more families grow their own food and earn a living, more girls attend school with their brothers—and that’s just the beginning!

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Inspire Your Community!

Let’s inspire more people to transform lives in the developing world. Give us a shout on social media and share why you #GiveDifferently. Together, we can make this holiday season even brighter!

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Like Mom Always Says—Don't Forget to Send a Card!

When you give a Gift of Hope to a loved one this season, make sure to include our heart-warming e-card when you've finished checking out!

Are Gifts of Hope Real?

Gifts of Hope are actual items desperately needed by the communities in which we work. Your donation will be matched to a project that includes the item that you selected. If the need for a particular item is filled, or Plan's fundraising goal for the project has been met, we will apply your donation to a similar project or where needed most. Project costs vary widely from country to country, continent to continent, for the same materials and services. The costs listed usually reflect an average cost. Donations to Plan International USA are tax-deductible to fullest extent allowed by law.

Stories of Hope

Plan to make a difference!

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