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Disaster & Conflict

Liberia: Community Care Centers to Combat Ebola Virus Disease

This program supported two community care centers in partnership with the Ministry of Health; trained community health volunteers to do active case finding of possible Ebola Virus Disease (EVD); and provided community mobilization and social messaging to catchment communities, promoting awareness and prevention of EVD.


Niger: Niger Education and Community Strengthening

The NECS project aims to improve learning opportunities in Niger by strengthening community involvement in education, improving the educational environment for girls and boys, and enhancing literacy instruction for students and adults.

South Sudan: Room to Learn

Room to Learn South Sudan is a five-year program funded by USAID that aims to expand education opportunities that are inclusive and promote social cohesion.

Zambia: Read to Succeed

The Read to Succeed project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to increase learning in reading, math, and English in 1,300 Zambian schools.


Worldwide: Health Policy Project

The Health Policy Project works with in-country partners at the national and sub-national levels in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Eastern Europe to sustain commitment to and ownership of sustainable policy and financing responses that support improvements in family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH), HIV, and maternal health. 

Worldwide: Health Policy Plus Project

The Health Policy Plus Project aims to improve the enabling environment for equitable and sustainable health services, supplies, and delivery systems through policy development and implementation, with an emphasis on voluntary, rights-based health programs, and by strengthening in-country partners’ capacity to navigate complex environments for effective policy design, implementation, and financing aligned to their priorities.  

Senegal: Programme Santé Santé Communautaire II

PSSC II focuses on strengthening the role of households and communities in the promotion, practices, and delivery of high impact maternal and child health, family planning, and reproductive health interventions.

Senegal: World Bank Nutrition Phase III/PRN

The education of community health workers and availability of screening services are integral components of the Nutrition Enhancement Project (PRN), which has been implemented by Plan Senegal and several other nongovernmental organizations since 2003.

Togo: GF Round 9 Malaria

The malaria project in Togo aims to increase the utilization of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) by the population to 90 percent through the distribution of LLINs during a national campaign.


Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Cambodia Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Program

CR-SHIP focuses on creating access to basic and improved sanitation facilities at rural household and community levels, and inducing hygiene behavioral change among rural households and communities, key duty-bearers in government, and within the private sector.

The Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Fund

Children and youth will realize their right to safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water supplies; to hygienic sanitation; and to live in a clean environment.

Youth & Economic Empowerment

El Salvador: Youth Employment Solutions (YES)

This project seeks to contribute to the solution of social and economic exclusion of young people between 16 and 25 years of age, who neither work nor study, are at risk of abandoning their studies, and belong to families living in conditions of poverty in Plan program areas.

Niger, Senegal, and Sierra Leone: Youth Microfinance Project

The Youth Microfinance (YMF) Project aimed to improve the lives and help realize the rights of West African youth, with the overall goal to empower young people both socially and economically by increasing access to financial services and disseminating knowledge of critical life skills.

Uganda: A Working Future

A Working Future is a long-term, high-impact project working to develop Youth Economic Empowerment models for scalability and replicability in Uganda, as well as in different countries throughout the East African region.

Egypt: Forsa

Students in Egypt are trained in life skills, English, computer skills, and specialty courses in hospitality, customer service and sales, and health services.

Guatemala: Lifelong Learning Project

This project is led by Juarez and Associates, in partnership with Child Fund and Plan International, to improve education quality and access for underserved populations in Guatemala.

Thailand: Career Development Program for Youth

This project, being funded by Citi Foundation, aims to provide at least 610 marginalized youth, ages 16-25, from three centers in three urban provinces of Thailand, with the skills necessary to increase their employability or start their own businesses.

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