We work together to protect girls.

With PROTECT, you can empower girls as agents of change, teach communities how to protect girls from trafficking and rescue potential victims before they cross international borders in India and Nepal.

More than 40 million men, women and children are trafficked each year, and it is estimated to be one of the most profitable forms of organized crime. The Asia-Pacific region, including India and Nepal, is a hot spot for trafficking. Poverty can force parents to choose an early marriage for their daughters, thinking it will provide safety and financial security for them. But sometimes, potential suitors are ruthless traffickers. Or, a girl might take a job offer in order to support her family without realizing it is a trap. Once a girl is alone and far from home, she is sold into forced labor or prostitution. And, if she does escape, she will have to confront this trauma for the rest of her life.

What are we doing?

It takes a village to raise a child and keep them safe. This project offers a holistic approach to trafficking prevention that includes everyone, from girls and their families to border patrol agents and local businesses. We equip communities with the knowledge and skills they need to identify and stop traffickers.

Since financial stress is often linked to trafficking and early marriage, PROTECT provides training to trafficking survivors and at-risk young people to gain in-demand job skills and links to potential employers. The project also trains child protection groups to support trafficking survivors, and border patrol agents to spot potential traffickers and victims to prevent border crossings.

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stats and facts

messages on social media about the dangers of trafficking and how to prevent it in Nepal.
murals about trafficking.
people trained to teach children how to protect themselves.

Street dramas are a popular way to talk about child trafficking prevention in Nepal.

Roma campaigns for child protection in her district, particularly around child trafficking.

Swastika raises awareness among her peers on child protection issues.

Our projects in the region

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