Promoting Equality and Safety in Schools

Burkina Faso

We work together to promote equality and safety in schools.

Promoting Equality and Safety in Schools worked with individuals, communities and schools to address deeply-ingrained beliefs and practices that determine how girls can and should be treated in Burkina Faso.

For many of us, the idea that our children should have to worry about sexual assault or discrimination at school is unthinkable. But it is the reality of girls in several places in Burkina Faso where girls are at times subjected to sexual violence and physical harm in school settings.

What did we do?

Plan International worked with individuals, communities and schools to develop and implement activities that emphasized the importance of girls’ rights and gender equality, while also providing training on recognizing and reporting acts of school-related gender-based violence. The program, known by its acronym PEASS, has also worked on peace negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

The PEASS program addressed other barriers to girls obtaining education by evaluating and updating facilitates for girls to safely manage their periods while at school, and supporting safe spaces for girls’ clubs and leadership activities. One of the students’ favorite activities was learning how to create their own reusable menstrual pads using materials that are readily available in their community. Scholarships were also provided to some girls to cover school fees and supplies they could focus on their studies.
Together, we created safer, more respectful learning environments that allowed girls to complete their education.

“There has been the installation of latrines to allow girls to attend to their needs and they also had information on how to make sanitary towels. Between them and the boys, there is some collaboration and support on the part of the boys. And it’s all due to the PEASS project, so we’re really happy.”
A parent discussing changes in her community because of the PEASS program.


stats and facts

of students felt safer at school during this project.
of all girls are now happy with their restrooms, allowing for easier management of their periods.
of students and teachers say they will intervene if they see violence now.

Students watch a skit on gender-based violence, performed by local actors.

Scholarship students pose outside of their dormitory at school.

Students learn to create their own reusable menstrual pads with materials from their communities.

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