The Youth Activity

We work to strengthen skills, connections and opportunities so that Liberian youth can be more economically empowered and resilient.

What are we doing?

In Liberia, Plan International is working with our prime and implementing partners, Education Development Center and Resonance, to carry out The Youth Activity. This project’s three core objectives are:

  1. Strengthening basic education and foundational skills.
  2. Improving employment and entrepreneurship-related skills.
  3. Building the enabling environment for youth productivity and livelihoods in Liberia.

The project will support a diverse array of 40+ youth-led and/or youth serving local organizations (YSLOs) to offer activities for three groups of young people: Out-of-school young people with marginal literacy skills working in the informal sector, young people with some basic education and recent and/or unemployed college graduates looking for work.

The Youth Activity is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development. It will operate in three counties — Lofa, Grand-Bassa and Montserrado — and will run from 2021- 2026.

Project stats

and facts

youth to be supported in economic self-reliance and resilience.
village savings and loan associations to be created.
youth health volunteers to be trained to improve access to health care.

Kuisie is a public health volunteer and encourages others to maintain healthy lifestyles through good hygiene practices.

COVID-19 disrupted education for young people like Janet, causing many to either delay education or drop out of school.

After her parents were no longer able to afford her school fees, Blessing took on jobs to raise her own school fees. However, she was forced to drop out once she became pregnant. She now participates in a Plan program designed for girls to increase their knowledge and understanding of gender equality.