USAID Zambia Community HIV Prevention Project


We support communities affected by HIV.

USAID Zambia Community HIV Prevention Project’s (USAID Z-CHPP) overall goal, which is being implemented by Pact as the prime partner and Plan as the sub-awardee, is “to increase adoption of high impact HIV services and protective behaviors among at-risk populations.” In its sixth year, USAID Z-CHPP is working in 10 districts from six provinces of Zambia. The project target groups are people living with HIV, discordant couples, young women and other high-risk groups.

What are we doing?

We plan to support the Government of the Republic of Zambia in reducing new HIV infections and building on local community and district level solutions. USAID Z-CHPP is contributing to assisting Zambia in reaching the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 90-90-90 targets.

Plan is the technical lead on social behavior change communication (SBCC) and cultural communications, gender, and economic strengthening (ES) for the project. Under SBCC and cultural communications, the focus is on raising awareness of risk behaviors, leading to acquiring information and knowledge and promoting actions that lead to individuals and communities accessing high-impact services. This leads to expanding community-based behavior change by engaging with community leaders and other key stakeholders. Plan is contributing to strengthening the linkages between community and facility-based services in order to increase completed referrals to high impact services. 

Plan has also been playing a leading role in addressing gender norms, while strengthening community action by promoting positive male role models and raising awareness of young women’s vulnerability to HIV and sexual and gender-based violence. 

The ES implementation includes enhancing marketable skills; entrepreneurship training; financial literacy; savings and linkages to formal banking systems; and workforce development. While USAID Z-CHPP has been implementing these areas of ES over the past five years, they are being strengthened moving forward for impactful outcomes on adolescent girls and young women in reducing vulnerability to transactional and age disparate sex. 



districts in Zambia targeted by the project.
provinces of Zambia that are covered by the program.
funded by USAID.
Fostina harvests maize.
Fostina harvests maize.

Z-CHPP aims to ensure people like Fostina are less likely to acquire HIV/AIDS.

Samira chats with friends.
Samira chats with friends.

Plan has worked in Zambia since 1996.

Liness and her sister Oxillia.
Liness and her sister Oxillia.

Z-CHPP aims to improve economic conditions in Zambia.

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