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Protected Passage

Brave young women
are leading the way
— but they need your help.

At Plan International USA, we believe that we can create a more equal world by partnering with adolescent girls and youth to overcome oppression and gender inequality. Working together with girls, we’ve pinpointed the challenges they face and identified specific opportunities for making a difference in their lives. Our We Are the Girls campaign is keeping girls safe, educated and economically empowered. 

These young women are courageously leading the way in the fight for gender equality. But they can’t do it alone. Listen to what they have to say:

Today, we’re looking for 50 investors to step up and donate $10,000 each to support Protected Passage, a critical program working with girls and their families migrating through Central America. Operating in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, this project is improving the services provided to adolescent girls during this journey and creating safe spaces in often dangerous environments.

This $500,000 is needed to mobilize and strengthen the existing child protection network along migration routes, including everyone from teachers to law enforcement to government officials, and will build a digital platform linking girls and their families to local service providers.

You’ve heard the news reports and now you’ve listened to girls’ themselves. Will you stand up and fight beside them today?

Your donation to the Protected Passage project in Central America will help to meet the most urgent needs of migrating adolescent girls and their families — something that’s more important than ever in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. From mobilizing and strengthening the existing child protection network along migration routes, to building a digital platform linking girls and their families to local service providers, you are providing hope and saving lives.


If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Plan’s work in Central America or elsewhere, please contact Bryan Marshall at

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