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Leadership & Capacity Development

Reports, Publications, & Training Manuals

Many of our published manuals are highly valued resources within the development community and have been adopted and adapted by partner organizations in multiple languages.

View our Training Manuals:

Training of Trainers for Development Manual

Prepares trainers to use interactive, learner-centered methods and to design, implement, and evaluate participatory, competency-based training.

Project Design for Program Managers

Prepares trainers to use interactive, learner-centered methods and to design, implement, and evaluate participatory, competency-based training.

Gender and Development Manual

Aids development professionals in addressing gender issues.

Supervision Manual

Develops the knowledge, skills, and awareness of supervisors for more efficient supervision systems and approaches to supervision.

Advancing Women's Leadership and Advocacy for AIDS Action Training Manual

Builds the leadership, advocacy, and management skills of grassroots women leaders and others working in HIV and AIDS.

Family Planning Plus: HIV/AIDS Basics for NGOs and Family Planning Manual

Sensitizes readers to the issues and challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS.

Integrating STDs and AIDS Services into Family Planning Programs Manual

Aids training providers in developing reproductive health classes and training programs.

Reproductive Health Awareness Manual: A Wellness, Self-Care Approach

Outlines a five-day training workshop in integrating services for STDs and HIV/AIDS into family planning programs.

Networking for Policy Change: An Advocacy Training Manual

Assists representatives of nongovernmental organizations and other civil society groups in forming and maintaining advocacy networks and developing effective family planning and reproductive health skills.

Gender, Reproductive Health, and Advocacy: A Training Manual

Provides a systematic approach for trainers to advocate for gender equity and equality and reproductive health and rights.

Networking for Policy Change: Maternal Health Supplement

Provides approaches that can be used to affect family planning and reproductive health decisions at all levels of government.

Social Mobilization for Reproductive Health Manual

Strengthens the efforts of development leaders and managers from both organizations and the public sector at national and grassroots levels to increase local participation and, simultaneously, women's empowerment.

Strategic Planning: An Inquiry Approach

Makes strategic planning a more accessible and enjoyable undertaking for administrators and managers of nongovernmental organizations.

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