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Living Under Lockdown: Girls and COVID-19

COVID-19 and the efforts to suppress it will have an alarming impact on children. This report highlights key findings from previous crises of the impact on girls and young women.

Celebrating You: Your 2020 Gratitude Report

Thanks to you, girls around the world can be resilient during desperate times. In your gratitude report, you’ll read stories about girls like Hélène in Burkina Faso, Sav Rin in Cambodia and Inka in Indonesia -- all of whom are taking charge of their own lives thanks to your support.

Humanitarian Response

Venezuela Migration Crisis

More than 4 million people have left Venezuela, making it the second worst migration crisis after Syria. Of those refugees and migrants, it's estimated that 20% are children and adolescents. Here are 17 testimonials from children, adolescents and young refugees and migrants on the risks and violent situations that millions of Venezuelans are facing daily.


State of the World's Fathers: Unlocking the Power of Men's Care 2019

Learn the impact caregiving has, and the division of caregiving responsibilities between men and women, on gender equality in the latest and third edition of the State of the World's Fathers. This report has a big ambition: we are calling for nothing less than full equality between women and men, in the workplace and in the home.

Humanitarian Response

Children Still Cry, Water Everywhere!

The overall objective of this rapid assessment was to gather information about the impact of Cyclone Idai on children and women (up to age 24). It also sought to analyze the protection risks clarifying access and control of resources and humanitarian aid, considering the impact of disasters on girls and women regarding menstrual hygiene practices and beliefs before and after the Cyclone.

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