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Rescue Trafficked Girls

Right now, there's a girl struggling to overcome a trafficking nightmare that she was forced to live through. With your gift, 10 victims of human trafficking — modern slavery — will receive the housing, counseling, education and job training they need to recover and create a better future for themselves and their families. Your support also strengthens checkpoints in dangerous border areas, helps intercept trafficked girls and exposes the cruel tricks and promises of predators. You can help entire communities better protect their children against sexual exploitation and forced labor.


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Protection Gifts
You're Keeping Girls Safe

Praja, from Nepal, was nearly abducted to India by a much older man, but a Plan International program helped return her to her parents.

We can only accept this payment method from U.S. drawn checking accounts. The 9-digit routing number comes first and is surrounded by the "" symbol, the account number comes next and is followed by the "" symbol. The check number is not used. The account information should be from a check and not from a deposit slip.