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Senegal: Health Systems Strengthening Plus

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Health Systems Strengthening project (HSS+) aims to improve the performance of the health system in Senegal by alleviating barriers to quality health services. The project is led by Abt Associates and includes World Vision and Plan International as the two community engagement subrecipient organizations, in addition to local organizations Innovations Group and Health System in Africa (Groupe Issa), Association Council for Action (ACA), and the African Resources Group (ARG). HSS+ involves strengthening local-level governance geared towards reducing maternal morbidity and mortality, and contributes to the USAID/Senegal Health Program (2016-2021) goal to improve the health status of the Senegalese population.

As one of the partners on the community engagement component, Plan focuses on the key expected result of "strengthening community involvement in the management of health systems.” This includes 1) awareness and community involvement increased in activities to promote health and enhance the continuity of health care; 2) increased use of community funding mechanisms; and 3) strengthened capacity of the structures of local government to improve health care in response to community needs. In addition, Plan will also support implementation at the department, commune, and community levels the development of community-based health insurance schemes, and communication and sensitization activities under the universal health coverage program. Plan will focus on metropolitan Dakar, Kaolack (Nioro du Rip), Louga, and Thiès.

USAID/Prime: Abt Associates
Project Start Date
June 2016
Project End Date
April 2021
Technical Areas Covered
Health Service Delivery; Community Mobilization

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