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Senegal Lecture Pour Tous

Plan International USA has partnered with Chemonics to provide technical assistance to the Government of Senegal in the improvement of reading skills for children in early primary grades. The USAID-funded project is working closely with the Ministry of Education to develop an effective, sustainable, and scalable national reading program, with the goal of greatly improving reading levels for students in grades 1-3. Plan is leading the portion of the initiative that focuses on improving parent and community engagement in early grade reading. To do so, Plan is engaging with both public and religious schools (daaras) in target pilot districts to further integrate them into their surrounding communities and promote parents’ and caregivers’ active participation in their children’s reading and learning.

USAID/ Prime: Chemonics
Project Start Date
December 2016
Project End Date
April 2021
Technical Areas Covered
Education, Early Grade Reading, Parent and Community Engagement, and Social Behavior Change Communication

Plan is actively working with local government officials, community-based organizations and NGOs, and civil society leaders to encourage dynamic engagement in children’s education. In particular, Plan aims to:

  • Promote increased awareness, understanding, and demand for high-quality education within communities to improve early grade reading instruction and outcomes
  • Support evidence-based interventions to engage communities and parents to support reading, including the availability of relevant and age-appropriate materials for students in the early grades
  • Provide parents and caregivers with materials and training to support children’s reading and writing at home, including tools to promote home-school communication
  • Provide parents and civil society with the skills, techniques, and forums they need to effectively monitor the delivery of early grade reading instruction in schools

The Lecture Pour Tous program is supporting communities in six regions of Senegal: Diourbel, Kaffrine, Kaolack, Louga, Matam, and Saint Louis. In all target communities, a social behavior change communication campaign will be implemented to address the above listed goals in a manner that actively engages relevant actors and ensures community buy-in of program initiatives. Over the course of the project, rigorous monitoring and evaluation and documentation of best practices will be conducted, with the goal of developing a scalable and highly effective model for parent and community engagement in early grade reading.

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