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Senegal: Programme Santé Santé Communautaire II

The PSSC II consortium is led by ChildFund International and includes Africare, Catholic Relief Services/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (CRS), Plan International USA (Plan), World Vision Inc. (World Vision), Enda Sahel/Afrique de l’Ouest (Enda Graf), and Enda Santé. This project is the continuation of the PSSC project - led by Plan- that ended in September 2011. PSSC II focuses on strengthening the role of households and communities in the promotion, practices, and delivery of high-impact maternal and child health, family planning, and reproductive health interventions. The majority of its activities consist of raising quality standards and improving the sustainability of the health system by establishing new health huts and outreach sites. Health huts will be incorporated into Ministry of Health data reporting and monitoring systems. At the end of 2013, 98.42 percent of health huts and 97.85 percent of community sites offered a minimum package of health services. The project is now transferring part of health service delivery sites to community management and focuses on improving the quality of service delivery at community level.

Project Start Date
November 2011
Project End Date
July 2016
Technical Areas Covered

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