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September 2016: Get in the Game

Join the movement to protect and fight for girls' rights.

Letter from the Editor

Do you find yourself wishing the Summer Olympics lasted longer than two weeks?

It was inspiring to see the world come together in the spirit of friendly competition.

Our Plan community believes in coming together to make the world a better place. We partner with children, communities, local and national governments – as well as a plethora of partners in the U.S. and worldwide.

Our donors and supporters are some of our most important partners. Working together, we can achieve amazing things. Just look at what our Because I am a Girl movement has achieved for girls’ rights and gender equality worldwide. International Day of the Girl, on Oct. 11, was established five years ago because of movements like this.

Still, there's work to do!

Together, let’s get in the game. Join the movement and fight for girls’ rights. Take part in the conversation. Make it clear that when a girl is empowered, #SheWill learn, #SheWill lead, #SheWill decide, and #SheWill thrive!

Just like the Olympians, the Chelsea Football Club, one of our global partners, takes competition seriously. The club also believes making the world a better place is a serious task. Find out how you can join Chelsea FC and become a Champion of Change.

This Month's Articles:

  1. Five Ways to Empower a Girl

    The Because I am a Girl movement highlights the fact that when a girl is empowered, she WILL learn, lead, decide, and thrive! The movement is built on the support of donors and people who are doing simple, easy things to empower girls all over the world.

    Here are five ways you can join the movement and empower a girl.

  2. My Body is Not a Game

    Thousands of women and girls across Brazil suffer violence at the hands of men every year, simply because of their gender. Much of this violence stems from the culture of machismo, which is deeply entrenched in many Brazilian communities. It affects the choices girls make and events that shape their future.

    See how girls throughout the country are fighting back.

  3. Advocating for Girls’ Rights and Gender Equality in Asia

    These teenage girls from Asia and the Pacific are challenging the norms around gender-based discrimination and human rights. They are advocating for girls’ rights and gender equality, and are committed to creating a better future for women and girls worldwide.

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