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Your sponsorship provides a child with essentials like clean water, education, and health services.

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Meet Sohaila

This is Sohaila, from Egypt. She’s been a sponsored child for 15 years. We gave her a camera to show us a typical day in her life.

Egyptian girls and women face an uphill battle. Gender discrimination keeps many girls from exploring their full potential and deciding their own futures. Often they have to drop out of school to help their families or to get married. Many also have experienced female genital muilation.

But Sohaila is strong. She’s learning about her rights as a girl and is challenging these old ideas. She loves school and wants to be a doctor one day so she can help other marginalized children in her country. Sohaila is confident and empowered.

Sponsorship brings essentials to children and communities like clean water, education, health services, and economic security. But it also does so much more. It can help shape future leaders and changemakers, like Sohaila.

And our sponsors are compassionate people just like you. There are so many more children in Egypt waiting for the same chance. Become a sponsor and help change a child’s life.

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