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Don’t have time to write letters?

With a one-time subscription to Sunny Days, your sponsored child will receive one magazine for each month of the year.

Help them stay educated and happy during difficult times.

What if there was a small way for you to help them stay educated, entertained and happy at home?

This year, we’re offering a new edition of Plan International USA’s educational kids’ magazine, Sunny Days, for your sponsored child!

If you subscribed your sponsored child to Sunny Days last year, it’s likely that they’ll be looking forward to receiving more magazines from you!

Your sponsored child will be so happy to know that you’re thinking of them and have sent them something they can cherish for a whole year ahead.

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With a one-time subscription to Sunny Days, your sponsored child will receive one magazine for each month of the year, for just $63. Content includes fun activities for all ages:
Sunny Days Magazine Activities

Sunny Days Magazine Activities


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We hope you’ll consider making an extra donation to Plan to support other children, like Raina, a 12-year-old girl from Mozambique. She is one of millions of children in the country who have been out of school because of COVID-19.

“I may have to repeat grade seven, but that won’t be an option for me because of the tuition fees,”Raina says. “I want to be a doctor. I fear that my parents will have other priorities to invest in once school reopens, like making sure my brothers can graduate.

I wish there were other alternatives so I could continue to learn at home.”

Girls and children like Raina need support from compassionate people like you who believe that their education matters.

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Your contribution is tax deductible.

Your donation to Plan International USA will be used will be used where needed most, to help create sustainable change and address the root causes of poverty and inequality. Donations can support programs, innovation and infrastructure required to deliver our programs to girls and children worldwide, in areas such as protection, education, health, sanitation, disaster relief and economic empowerment.

365 Sunny Days for your sponsored child!

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We know life is busy, and there isn’t always time to write to your sponsored child. But with a one-time subscription to Sunny Days Magazine, your sponsored child will receive a fun and educational magazine for each month of the year. There’s no easier way to show them how much you care!




Kids With Sunny Days Magazine


We asked the experts, and the results of our kids’ focus group were unanimous — Sunny Days Magazine is a lot of fun!