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We know that life is busy, and there isn’t always time to write to your sponsored child.

With a one-time subscription to Sunny Days, your sponsored child will receive one kids’ magazine for each month of the year, letting them know that you’re always thinking of them.

If you previously subscribed your sponsored child to Sunny Days, it’s likely that they’ll be looking forward to receiving more magazines from you. Your sponsored child will be so happy to know that you’ve sent them something they can cherish for the whole year ahead!

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Sunny Days magazines include fun activities for all ages:

Sunny Days Magazine Activities

Sunny Days Magazine Activities


This year, we hope you’ll make an extra gift to Plan to support more children, like ZamZam from Somalia.

The hunger crisis sweeping Central and East Africa and the is worsening every day, and ZamZam finds it nearly impossible to study when she doesn’t have anything to eat — which is often.

When I arrive at school, I feel hungry [in my] classes. When I’m hungry, I can’t study well.

“Sometimes we have breakfast and sometimes we don’t,” ZamZam says. “When I arrive at school, I feel hungry [in my] classes. When I’m hungry, I can’t study well.”

Plan is responding in Somalia by providing emergency cash assistance and water supplies to families most severely affected by hunger. With you, we can reach more girls and their families with the lifesaving support they need to keep their bodies and minds healthy, so that girls like ZamZam can stay in school and fulfill their dreams.

Plan International USA

Your contribution is tax deductible.

Your gift to Plan International USA will be used where needed most, to help create sustainable change and address the root causes of poverty and inequality. Donations can support programs, innovation, and infrastructure required to deliver our programs to girls and children worldwide, in areas such as protection, education, health, sanitation, disaster relief and economic empowerment.