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Because I am a Girl

Spread the Word: Girls Belong Here

Join us on social media and tell us where girls belong!

During and before International Day of the Girl, we want the world to know that girls (and women) everywhere will not be denied their right to equal opportunity. Tell us (and show us!) where girls belong! Whether it's at school, in your office, behind your desk, on the job site, or anywhere girls and women should have a presence, a voice, and an opportunity. Just join the conversation using the #GirlsBelongHere hashtag.

Here are a few ways messages to get you started:

  • ALL girls deserve the right to LEAD! #GirlsBelongHere
  • Girls and women everywhere have the right to take part fully in the political life of their community and country. #GirlsBelongHere
  • One in Five adolescent girls is out of school. #GirlsBelongHere
  • Together, we can end #GenderInequality. Join the movement! #GirlsBelongHere
  • When a girl is given the opportunity to lead, she will lift herself out of poverty. #GirlsBelongHere

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