Youth Advisory Board Member

University of Florida

Aanya (she/her) is a freshman at the University of Florida, majoring in public health on the pre-med track. She is the founder and executive director of Global Girls Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving access to period products and destigmatizing menstruation. Aanya has been recognized as a “Period Hero” by Proctor and Gamble’s Always and awarded “Goal Getter” by the Tampa Bay Lightning and AdventHealth.

Aanya joined Plan USA’s Youth Advisory Board in 2023 after participating in the 2021 Youth Leadership Academy and taking part in an International Day of the Girl Takeover for Alexion. She is passionate about increasing accessibility to health care, specifically addressing women’s health issues. Aanya looks forward to working with Plan to tackle issues related to menstruation and reproductive rights.

In her free time, Aanya enjoys playing volleyball, baking and listening to music.

Quote: “I’m excited to work with other young activists who are just as passionate about tackling social justice issues and creating a change.”