Garrett Cole Jones

Youth Advisory Board Member

University of Alabama

Garrett Jones (he/him) is an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, majoring in international studies and sociology and minoring in public health and French. He is passionate about international human rights law and advocacy, with a special interest in international development. At UAB, Garrett serves as a College of Arts and Sciences senator and is chair of the Undergraduate Student Government Association LGBTIQA+ Caucus. He is also a diversity, equity and inclusion news journalist, covering topics such as protests, multicultural student organizations and hate speech on campus.

Garrett’s favorite role in the Youth Advisory Board has been serving as a Youth Leadership Academy youth counselor, where he discovered his passions for working with youth and teaching social justice strategies. He associates his experience with Plan as the foundation of his work in local Birmingham politics, where he has worked with Birmingham grassroots activists Cara McClure and Sylvia Swayne.

In his free time, Garrett enjoys reading high-fantasy novels and running through Birmingham’s Vulcan Trail.

Quote: “Plan gifted me a platform to turn my marginalized identity as a gay man into a positive force for change, and my privilege as a white man into effective allyship. I realized the power of advocacy, and now I’m using it in my own community as well.”