Luna Silvana Abadía

Youth Advisory Board Member

Duke University

Luna Abadía (she/her) is an undergraduate at Duke University studying public policy, international relations and anthropology. She is worried about climate change as a threat multiplier and its intersections with gender injustice and emerging technologies, and she is passionate about what international human rights’ policy can do to address this.

Luna works with non-governmental organizations and government to inform policy creation. She has served as a youth delegate and worked with the U.S. Department of State at the United Nations’ gender (CSW67) and climate (COP28) conferences. Following her Colombian heritage, Luna is interested in Latin American politics, decolonization and linguistic inclusion in policymaking.

As a Duke research fellow, Luna is exploring national security harms resulting from social media platforms. In the future, she hopes to work on international climate, peace and security diplomacy.

In her free time, Luna loves to run and write poetry.

Quote: “Working with Plan for the past three years has taught me the value of centering youth in policymaking. Being able to advocate for just that, while stepping into changemaking spaces myself, has been incredibly powerful.”