COVID-19 response

She deserves to write her own future.

Stop the setback

For millions of girls around the world, the future is already written.

They’ll be forced into marriage.

They won’t finish school, even once classes restart after the pandemic.

They’ll get sick without access to clean water, struggling to manage their periods each month.

And they won’t know what it’s like to write your own story, or chase your own dreams.

COVID-19 is setting back decades of progress for gender equality. Child marriage, trafficking and gender-based violence are all skyrocketing. Girls’ futures are being destroyed.

And time is running out. Every three seconds, a girl drops out of school. In the next hour, 1,583 girls will become pregnant unintentionally because they’ve lost health care. By the end of the day, 33,000 girls will be forced to throw away their futures and get married.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop the setback and help girls rewrite their futures right now.

Will you help girls rewrite their futures today?

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