Four young entrepreneurs building success in Guatemala

There aren’t a lot of jobs in rural Guatemala. But that’s starting to change, thanks to your support of some determined young people. They’re taking part in a program that offers training in business development and technology for 300 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 through Entrepreneurship Clubs.

Over the course of their training, participants work together to create business plans and present them to win seed capital. This year, 13 new businesses were awarded seed money. Keep reading to get to know four of the winners!

1. Martha
Martha Young Entrepreneur Guatemala


Martha and five of her friends started a catering business called Surtiverdes los Antojitos, or Green Appetizer Providers. In addition to Plan’s entrepreneurship training, her group also participated in a vocational course on basic cooking. They specialize in healthy snacks and homemade meals.

“I’m thankful beyond words for all of the support we’ve received,” Martha says. “We want to be an example for more young people, to show them that you can reach your goals. It’s only a question of effort and patience, and above all, believing in yourself.”

2. Carlos
Carlos Young Entrepreneur In Guatemala


Even though he lives in a remote village, Carlos hasn’t allowed distance to limit his dreams. With the training he received from Plan, he decided to team up with a friend to build a carpentry business. With the seed capital they won, they bought wood to start making and selling furniture.

“I’m immensely grateful to Plan, because job opportunities here are scarce,” Carlos says. “With the support we received, we can be in charge of our own business and our own time.”

3. Angelica
Angelica Young Entrepreneur In Guatemala


Angélica and her three friends saw an opportunity for a convenience store in their town. They live far away from the closest grocery store, and it can be expensive and tiring to get there. It would be easier for their neighbors, they thought, if they could buy some essentials closer to home. They decided to call their store La Buena.

“We know that even though our difficulties can be big, our possibilities can be big, too, when we achieve our goals,” she says. “I’m so thankful to Plan for everything I’ve learned.”

4. Edgar
Edgar Young Entrepreneur In Guatemala


Edgar and his business partners have already opened their bakery, and business is booming. They sell everything from loaves of bread to pastries and cakes, with more orders than they can fill. As a result, they’re planning to buy more equipment to expand their business.

“It’s a big commitment to make this little seed into a great fruit, not just for me but for my partners too,” Edgar says. “Thank you to Plan for making our dream of having our own business come true.”