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Summer 2017

The Plan Federation is adopting a new global strategy that advances girls’ rights as a stated priority.

Driving Meaningful Change for Girls

In 2012, Plan International launched its Because I Am a Girl (BIAAG) campaign with the aim to reach four million girls over four years through projects that protect vulnerable girls living in poverty. Because I Am a Girl is a broad community-based strategy aimed at ensuring that marginalized girls have the tools, skills, and assets to reach their full potential.

These programs and the global advocacy and awareness raised through the initiative have advanced the cause of girls’ rights. Evidence of impact from the first phase of the BIAAG campaign now provide the foundation for the next generation of programs and policies that will lift girls out of poverty and enable them to contribute fully to their communities and their countries, claiming their voice and personal power.

Last year, Plan launched the BIAAG 2.0 strategy to advance girls’ rights, with the following overarching goal: communities where girls and young women are free from violence, discrimination, and harmful practices, where they learn, lead, decide, and thrive. With the Plan Federation adopting a new global strategy that advances girls’ rights as a stated priority, there is greater investment and opportunity for creating positive change. We are committed to achieving just that.

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This Month's Articles:

  1. Ensuring Visibility Through Digital Birth Registration

    Plan International is a leading NGO ensuring children access their rights and reduce their vulnerability through Digital Birth Registration.

    Find out how Plan started working on Digital Birth Registration to reduce children’s vulnerability.

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  2. Equal Measures 2030: Why Now and Why Us?

    Millions of girls and women are currently “invisible,” preventing them from fully participating in their communities. Incomplete or missing data about the barriers they face, their potential to transform societies, and what works to improve their well-being exacerbates this issue.

    Equal Measures 2030 is a civil society and private-sector led partnership that envisions a world where no girl or woman is invisible.

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  3. What Does it Cost to Trigger and Sustain Sanitation Behaviors?

    In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina, Plan International USA recently published a bottom-up costing process and cost analysis of four Community-led Total Sanitation interventions.

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  4. Plan Youth Advisory Board Member Brings Perspective to Upcoming Gender Equality Series

    Plan International USA Youth Advisory Board member Nadyah was one of two youth delegates invited to attend a launch meeting for a Stanford University Lancet series.

    Discover how the series focuses efforts to transform gender norms and address gender inequalities.

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  5. “Mentor Mothers” Provide Valuable Support in Kenya

    A Plan International USA, USAID-funded project in Kenya is seeking to improve the welfare and protection of children affected by HIV with the help of “Mentor Mothers.”

    Here’s how the program is having an impact.

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